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National Park Ranger: An American Icon

Dressed in the familiar gray and green uniform and crowned with the traditional "Smokey the Bear" hat, the National Park Service Ranger is symbolic of many things in American culture: protection and preservation, education and enlightenment, solitude and self-sufficiency. In the past, rangers spent most of their working hours alone-patrolling miles of trails, often in dismal weather conditions, to

Emotional survival for law enforcement: A guide for officers and their families

By Kevin M. Gilmartin - E-S Press (2002) - Paperback - 142 pages - ISBN 0971725403 Addresses the dynamics that can transform within a matter of a few years, idealistic and committed law enforcement officers/employees into cynical, angry individuals who begin having difficulties in both the personal and professional aspects of their lives. It points out how law enforcement personnel develop a socia

Ranger Stories: True Stories Behind the Ranger Image

"I knew that for my own morality and conscious, I had to see a weapon and feel the threat before I could pull the trigger. I yelled at Jim again to bring his hand out slowly. On my own gun, I could see the hammer move toward me as I put more pressure on the trigger. I was mentally prepared for Jims' next move." -Excerpt, Knives Were Involved, Chapter 13 Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, AZ

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion

Improve communication, resolve conflicts, and avoid the most common conversational disasters through simple, easily remembered strategies that deflect and redirect negative behaviour. Verbal Judo is the martial art of the mind and mouth that can show you how to be better prepared in every verbal encounter. Listen and speak more effectively, engage people through empathy (the most powerful word in