Rangers About Rangering

Ranger Up!: True Stories of National Park Service Protection Rangers

Ranger UP gives the reader a behind the scene glimpse into the real life adventures of our multi-talented National Park Rangers from across the country. This collection of true short stories includes high adventure incidents from all of the major disciplines of Protection Rangers which include Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Emergency Management, while also

Hey Ranger!: True Tales of Humor & Misadventure from America's National Parks

Amusing and informative, Hey Ranger! teaches as it entertains with tales of boat ramp misadventures, lost Afghani campers, encounters with wild animals, dumb crooks, and more. One chapter, "Tales from the Wild Side," brings together unusual incidents from National Park Service reports, and the concluding essay, "Don't Be a Vict

Hey Ranger 2: More True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from the Great Outdoors (No. 2)

In this sequel to the wildly successful Hey Ranger: True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from America's National Parks, former ranger Jim Burnett casts his net globally in search of the most outrageous and humorous stories of man in his eternal quest to experience the natural world. Burnett tells of campers being belted by mysterious objects falling from the sky, like potatoes and ice cream

A Park Ranger's Life: Thirty-two Years Protecting Our National Parks

What is a park ranger's life? * A wild bear who favors Kentucky Fried Chicken * A fugitive wanted in eight states * A dog that saves his owner's life * Wildland firefighters battling nature and fire * A ghost haunting a colonial mansion * Hikers who stay lost because they think searchers calling their names are wild animals * Being willing to risk your life to make our parks safe and help preserve

Take Down Flag & Feed Horses

Part memoir, part reportage, and all good reading, Take Down Flag & Feed Horses is the first volume devoted to the daily work of staff members at Yellowstone National Park. Written by a retired National Park Service historian, the book is divided into two parts, the first chronicling daily life at Yellowstone and the second detailing the savage fires that hit the park during the summer of 1988 and

Seasonal Disorder: Ranger Tales from Glacier National Park

Claiming there's too much to explore and discover in Glacier National Park that you can't do it all in one season, Park Ranger Pat Hagan returns every summer, year after year. While some people suffer from Season Affective Disorder (SAD), Hagan says he suffers from "Seasonal Disorder" (SD), a type of depression that results during the remaining seasons-which are: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winte

National Park Ranger, a.k.a. "Bleeding Green & Grey": High Adventure Tales, Humorous Stories, & Deadly Consequences!

National Park Ranger, a.k.a, "Bleeding Green & Grey" tells the stories that cover well beyond just the numerous and sometimes daily heroic deeds that other present park ranger books more than adequately validate. However, these new true-life tales not only embrace such topics as the customary high adventure cases, the sometimes humorous park visitors, and the dealing with the unfortunate death & m

Park Ranger Sequel

In this, Nancy's second collection of her real-life adventures as a Park Ranger and as a city medic, she tells of births, deaths and life prolonged in between in her inimitable style. There's a great chapter on her training at FLETC, the federal law enforcement training school. She ventures further afield to Mt. Kilimanjaro (yes, we are aware it's not an American National Park but it's a good stor

Park Ranger True Stories from a Ranger's Career in America's National Parks

What Park Rangers really have to deal with in any given day and how training, stamina and attitude make all the difference. Theis book could almost be a reference manual, training tool and recruitment handbook for any one interested in wearing a Smoky Bear hat. The author has lived and worked in parks ranging from USS Arizona in Hawaii to the Florida Everglades with most of her career at Grand Can

Permanent Vacation: Twenty Writers on Work and Life in Our National Parks

Millions of people visit our national parks each year, and some never leave. Meet the biologist who came to know and understand Six, Yellowstone's charismatic and temperamental elk. See iconic landscapes through the eyes of bed makers, bridge builders, rangers, and wranglers. Rip through rapids, disappear inside canyons, and witness personal transformations from petrified forest to permafrost. Lea